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About Victor Chew Wong

Victor Chew Wong

Before launching Make It Business magazine in 2003 with business partner Josh Chicher, Victor worked as a journalist at several Canadian newspapers including, The Vancouver Sun, The Province and stints at The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. In addition to his responsibilities at Make It Business, Victor is the chair of the Vancouver Board of Trade's Small Business Council and is a director with the Vancouver Board of Trade. He is a past director of The BC Association of Magazine Publishers and the Downtown Vancouver Association.

BC needs more capital to fund its future

I recently attended a presentation by a colleague on the state of capital investment in BC’s high-tech sector. He gave a mixed review of the state of the sector. On the positive side, there are a lot of start-ups and small companies that are doing creative work; on the negative side, once they reach a certain size, the exit strategy is to sell.

Linden brings captain qualities to the business world

He showed up to the interview with a cut on the bridge of his nose. If it were 2007, it might have been a souvenir from a cross-check to the face or a stick in the grill – and I …

Trevor Linden on Business

When he hung up the skates four years ago Trevor Linden chose business instead of pucks. In this exclusive Make It Business interview, he talks about the rewards and challenges of his roles in three growing companies.

Spring is in the air – it’s time to clean up and cheer up

As I walked my daughter to her preschool recently, we stopped several times along the way to examine the buds and blossoms that were just breaking their winter cocoon. The gentle rain could not dampen my enthusiasm sparked by this …

Even an old dog can learn a few new sales tricks

Just for a lark, I keyed in the word sales into It came back with 1.1 million results. There is no shortage of advice on this topic and we, at Make It Business magazine, touch on it with some …

Searching for keys to growth a process without end

Growth is shorthand for a lot of business virtues: new clients, increased revenues, innovation, expansion, success. Whether you’re gaining market share in a mature industry, or you’re cutting through the jungle of launching a new product, if your company is …

Entrepreneurs optimistic despite gathering clouds

Since the 2008-2009 recession most small businesses I know have trimmed the sails, cut the fat and just about any other cliché you can think of that involves reducing costs. So I can imagine how they must feel as they …

After a short break we have returned to our improved program

Whoever coined the term, “a change is as good as a vacation” was both right and wrong. After seven-plus years of putting out Make It Business magazine, my business partner, Josh, and I took a little hiatus. It was the …

How to: turn information into knowledge

If you’re in business, you know the only way to grow is to keep learning. There is no shortage of new skills to learn and old ones to master. The internet’s infinite reach has made it easier than ever to …

Great companies are easy to spot, but difficult to build

I’m sure if you asked 10 people the definition for a great company you would get 10 different answers. An employee might say a great company is one with a great pay and benefits package; a manager might say it’s …

The numbers don’t lie: franchising is a great option

Here’s a couple of questions for you: As an investor, do you have an E-Trade account and research all of your own companies before laying down your money? Or, do you have an investment adviser who does the research for …

Making peace with the shift from excess to thrift

Where were you when it happened? You know, the shift. The cultural shift from excess to thrift. When did you trade in your SUV for a Smart (or a Mini or a Prius)? Did you abandon Yaletown for Main or …

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