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  • Issue 26 - Branding Your Business

    February, 2008

    Branding isn’t just a nice logo and cool business cards. It goes to the heart of your business. In this issue of Make It Business we examine how you can profit by focusing a little more on your brand.

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  • Issue 27 - Selling Your Business

    April, 2008

    Do you know how to get top dollar when it comes time to sell your business? The Summit Group does and in this issue of the magazine they tell you how. And if you’re in the market for buying a business? They’ve got some advice for you too.

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  • Issue 28 - Web Wonders

    June, 2008

    Good and cheap are two incompatible words, we are told. But in the world of small business they’re the Holy Grail. Do more with less. Outsmart the big dogs. Improvise on the fly. With that spirit in mind, Make It Business presents you with 10 low-cost and no-cost web applications that may make a significant difference in how you run your business. We start by profiling, a Vancouver company that is helping business find new opportunities in non-English markets by closing the language gap.

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  • Issue 29 - Financing Your Business

    August, 2008

    Banks have recognized that small business is a big market. In this issue of the magazine we examine many of the new products the big banks have rolled out to attract new small business customers. Plus, one man who helps small businesses find financing when the banks say “no.”

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  • Issue 30 - The Family Business

    October, 2008

    Most businesses start as family businesses and there’s a lot that we can learn from them as they grow. In this issue of Make It Business we examine the traits of successful family businesses and how you can use these strategies in your business.

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  • Issue 31 - Creating PR Buzz

    December, 2008

    Tyler Wright has placed more than 1,000 stories for his employer and clients in media as lofty as CNN and The New York Times. We chronicle his strategies and tactics in this issue of Make It Business.

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