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Issue 35 – Mompreneurs

August, 2009

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Thirty-five percent of all businesses in BC are owned by women. This publication of Make It Business focuses on mompreneurs.

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The Westcoast Mom

Written By makeitbusiness
Posted in Feature Articles, Issue 35 - Mompreneurs, Issues, Marketing & Branding, Technology

GIRL-POWERED: In just three years, Lara Leontowich has launched a successful website for moms and two trade shows: one directed at businesswomen, the other at expectant moms


Mom, Inc.

Written By Christina Newberry
Posted in Feature Articles, Issue 35 - Mompreneurs, Issues, Marketing & Branding

A dramatic personal challenge as a young mother 20 years ago led Jennifer Desloges (right) to start West Coast Electrolysis. Today it has grown to two stores, and she is on the cusp of franchising the business as JADE with the help of daughter Janine


Summer sizzle: our city struts it’s oh-so-hot stuff

Written By Jessica Whitby
Posted in Articles, Issue 35 - Mompreneurs, Social Scene

Summer is here, and what better way to celebrate than with models, makeovers and a little bit of mayhem    


Moms walk a tightrope: Managing business and family a balancing act

Written By Fiona Walsh
Posted in Articles, Issue 35 - Mompreneurs, Sales & Systems

The mompreneur phenomenon is exploding. More and more women are opting out of the corporate world and starting their own businesses. They want the flexibility and freedom to make their own hours. But being a business owner is tough. It’s …

Victor Chew Wong - Publisher and Editor

Mom-run biz a challenge, but well worth it

Written By Victor Chew Wong
Posted in Articles, Issue 35 - Mompreneurs, Marketing & Branding, Sales & Systems

Mompreneurs are amazing. How do I know? I sleep with one every night. No, no, that’s not why they’re amazing. Well, maybe. But they’re also amazing because of their ability to manage two of life’s biggest challenges simultaneously. My partner …

Brian Scudamore Business Expert Columnist

Part-time effort = part-time success: If you want your company to succeed, you have to be on-site at all times

Written By Brian Scudamore
Posted in Articles, Issue 35 - Mompreneurs, Marketing & Branding, Sales & Systems

Dear Brian, I opened a small toy store in Kelowna, Mockingbird Toys, 14 months ago. I have three employees but do not work in the store myself, as I have a full-time job that takes me out of town for …

Simeen Gaidhar-Bhanji

Accounting 101 for mom, baby, business: It’s never too early to start planning – yes, starting even from conception

Written By Simeen Gaidhar-Bhanji
Posted in Articles, Financial Health, Issue 35 - Mompreneurs

Planning for parenthood can be extremely taxing, especially for women who are expecting while running a business. I know many of them! And what I advise them is this: long before the big day, make sure you set up your …


Improve, and then improve some more: Follow the Japanese concept of kaizen, or continually trying new ideas

Written By Michael Walsh
Posted in Articles, Issue 35 - Mompreneurs, Sales & Systems

So, you want to grow your business. How do you do that? Where do you start? There’s so much to do and so little time to accomplish it all! Properly run, a business may be an effective tool to support …

Robert Ciccone is the president and founder of Success Unlimited Sales and Marketing Group. He is also the creator of the Marketing for Profit Program, a three-part results program that provides the marketing systems, tools and ongoing support to help participants effectively build, manage and operate a profitable business.

Uphold your business on several pillars: Diverse marketing strategies keep your company viable at all times

Written By Robert Ciccone
Posted in Articles, Issue 35 - Mompreneurs, Sales & Systems

How long can you balance on one leg? Now, how long can you balance on two legs? If you think of your legs as pillars, then clearly you need two pillars to remain upright and stable. But if you were …

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