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Issue 43 – The “How-To” Issue

December, 2010

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Running a successful business depends on constantly upgrading your skills and finding information you can trust. In this issue of Make It Business magazine our experts and stories are dedicated to showing you the “How-To’s” on a wide range of topics germane to your company.

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Celeste And Adrian

How to: Write and awesome business plan

Written By makeitbusiness
Posted in Feature Articles, Financial Health, Issue 43 - The "How-To" Issue, Sales & Systems

MAN (AND WOMAN) WITH A PLAN: Celeste Lozano and husband Adrian Rudzikas and their team have written more than 250 successful business plans. Here are their Business Plans Canada tips for writing a plan that will help you succeed


A Plan to Succeed

Written By Noa Glouberman
Posted in Issue 43 - The "How-To" Issue, Issues

In less than two years, Business Plans Canada’s Celeste Lozano (L) and Adrian Rudzikas (R) have helped more than 250 clients raise $750 million in financing. Rick Francoeur (C) of 360 Fabrication sought them out to help secure $2 million to purchase the new home for their successful custom auto shop – 22,000 square feet later, Francouer is set to grow


How to: Find new customers

Written By Fiona Walsh
Posted in Articles, Issue 43 - The "How-To" Issue, Sales & Systems

To maintain and grow a successful business, you have to be good at finding new customers on a regular basis. Yet most people hate prospecting and try to avoid it as much as possible, which can have significant negative impact …

Victor Chew Wong - Publisher and Editor

How to: turn information into knowledge

Written By Victor Chew Wong
Posted in Articles, Issue 43 - The "How-To" Issue, Sales & Systems, Technology

If you’re in business, you know the only way to grow is to keep learning. There is no shortage of new skills to learn and old ones to master. The internet’s infinite reach has made it easier than ever to …

Simeen Gaidhar-Bhanji

How to: Sail through a tax audit

Written By Simeen Gaidhar-Bhanji
Posted in Articles, Financial Health, Issue 43 - The "How-To" Issue

If you’re lucky to be in business long enough, odds are you’re going to be audited. It’s all about chance and the luck of the draw. Auditing is an ongoing process by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). And, if you’ve …

Robert Ciccone is the president and founder of Success Unlimited Sales and Marketing Group. He is also the creator of the Marketing for Profit Program, a three-part results program that provides the marketing systems, tools and ongoing support to help participants effectively build, manage and operate a profitable business.

How to: Make an offer irresistible

Written By Robert Ciccone
Posted in Articles, Issue 43 - The "How-To" Issue, Sales & Systems

You know you’ve crafted a great offer. It’s so good, any qualified prospect would be a fool to pass it up. Still, many do. So what can you do to improve the pulling power of your offer? It’s easier than …

Michael Walsh - Business Coach Columnist

How to: Keep and sustain a competitive advantage

Written By Michael Walsh
Posted in Articles, Issue 43 - The "How-To" Issue, Sales & Systems

How do you build a sustainable competitive advantage for your company? With so much changing these days, where does your product have to be? How about your service levels? What about your relationships? In order to build and maintain a …

Martin Wong - Internet Marketing

How to: Make money with pay-per-click

Written By Martin Wong
Posted in Articles, Issue 43 - The "How-To" Issue, Technology

Many small businesses do not use pay-per-click advertising because they are afraid of losing money. Here’s how to make sure you don’t. Last week I talked to a business owner who approached me for organic search-engine-optimization work because he was …

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