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Issue 50 - Financing Your Dream

June 2012, 2011

In this issue of Make It Business magazine we cover the whole gamut of marketing for small business. From social media to traditional marketing our stories and columnists open the doors for you to create a more powerful marketing message. And help you get more dollars in the cash box.

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BC needs more capital to fund its future

Written By Victor Chew Wong
Posted in Financial Health, Issue 50 - Financing Your Dream

I recently attended a presentation by a colleague on the state of capital investment in BC’s high-tech sector. He gave a mixed review of the state of the sector. On the positive side, there are a lot of start-ups and small companies that are doing creative work; on the negative side, once they reach a certain size, the exit strategy is to sell.

It takes a team to reach your dream

Written By Noa Glouberman
Posted in Feature Articles, Issue 50 - Financing Your Dream

Six years ago when David Newman (blue shirt) took the entrepreneurial leap, he knew he would have to finance it. Today – with the help of a team of RBC advisers – his Signarama franchise is one of the most successful in Canada.

The simplest mistakes can trip up financing

Written By Fiona Walsh
Posted in Articles, Financial Health, Issue 50 - Financing Your Dream

You run your own business. Things aren’t going as well as you’d like. Every month you work every hour possible. Yet the financial return you’d like to enjoy still isn’t there. Sure, you have a product or service that your …

Do-it-yourself accounting – a recipe for savings or disaster?

Written By Simeen Gaidhar-Bhanji
Posted in Articles, Financial Health, Issue 50 - Financing Your Dream

Do it yourself – a concept that always sounds adventurous, scary and fun. To save costs and gain experience, many people are opting for the DIY routine. This can be great for home renovations and other quick fixes; no question …

Taking the gambling out of social media marketing for business to business companies?

Written By Tamara Brooks
Posted in Articles, Issue 50 - Financing Your Dream, PR & Social Media

I’m involved in a great local business group, EO Accelerator, for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses to the magical million-dollar mark. One of my mentors in the EO Accelerator program is Dave Notte, of Wolfgang Commercial Painters. You may …

Customers buy when they’re ready, not necessarily when you’re selling

Written By Robert Ciccone
Posted in Articles, Issue 50 - Financing Your Dream, Sales & Systems

Let me tell you the story of what happened when I became a homeowner, and the marketing lesson it teaches us. Several years ago, my wife, my young daughter and I were happily living in a condo in Burnaby. Then …

Thrive by optimizing budget for online marketing

Written By Martin Wong
Posted in Articles, Issue 50 - Financing Your Dream, Technology

Is your online marketing budget optimized? You may be able to do more with your budget than you realize – if you avoid some common pitfalls businesses make with their online marketing. Here are mistakes to stay clear of: Not …

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