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Linden brings captain qualities to the business world

Victor Chew Wong - Publisher and Editor

He showed up to the interview with a cut on the bridge of his nose. If it were 2007, it might have been a souvenir from a cross-check to the face or a stick in the grill – and I wouldn’t have paid it a second look. But on this day, four years removed from Trevor Linden’s last hockey game, it was a little out of place.

Him: “It’s from a cardboard burn.”

Me: “?”

Him: “I was helping put a shipment of bikes up on a shelf – the box slipped and hit me on the nose.”

Some context: the interview was being held at Linden’s newest Club16 fitness centre at the Vancouver Convention Centre – and adjoining the club is Club16’s bike rental/sales shop.

So follow with me this thread of events if you will: millionaire former hockey icon, who’s running three businesses, is pitching in by lifting heavy boxes onto shelves when there’s plenty of staff around to do this.

I will be the first to admit I know Linden not at all (and will not pretend to after an interview and photoshoot), but in business, as in life, you learn to judge people by their actions.

On the ice Linden was always a dignified athlete who played within the rules of the game – no fighting, no cheap shots, lead by example. These are all virtues that made him the venerable captain he was.

So the nick on his nose demonstrated to me that the way Trevor Linden plays business is the way he played hockey: not afraid to go into the corners or stand in front of the net; learn the game and get better.

Linden has already had a great deal of success four years into his second career. And I suspect he will have a lot more given the way he takes care of business.

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